Learning to Study

I came to my small, private, academically-focused college from a small, private, academically-focused high school. Whilst in high school, I didn’t have to study hard or intensely to succeed in my classes. Right now, it sounds like I am trying to brag, but honestly, I wish I had learned how to study in high school.

I’m writing this post at 11:50PM from the science center (main study mecca of my school) surrounded by papers that I’m using for resources on my final essay that’s due in three weeks. I have to finish my bibliography and write a preliminary argument/outline for it/ I also have to finish a book tonight, do two French assignments, outline three essays on said book, revise my history essay, and answer questions from my physics book. Not to mention I have a history quiz on Monday.

Does it sound like I procrastinated a little bit? Because I didn’t. This is the natural flow of work at an intense and academically-focused college. I’m going home with weekend and I don’t want to have tons of stuff to do when I’m home. Or when I come back to school on Sunday. So, I’m trying to squeeze it all in tonight.

In high school, I didn’t learn time management or how to properly study. Up until really tonight, I studied in my room. Which is not wise for someone like me. I’m gonna start studying in here, especially with finals coming up so soon.

College has been a challenge so far. One of the most difficult things would have to be learning to study. I’ve had to teach myself how to properly prepare for a test that will be worth 35% of my final grade, and not push it all to the night before. It’s been something entirely new. And I guess that’s just another area that college forces you to improve in.

Well, I really need to get back to my never ending to-do list now.



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