Four Brown Chairs

In my favorite coffee shop, there’s a corner by the window. Currently it houses…

Four brown chairs.

Three cups of coffee.

Two empty plates.

One friendship.

We live in a world of cliches. I am thankful for cliches. Friendship is often considered a cliche. Why though? Why is something that is so important, something that keeps so many people alive, well, and happy considered a cliche?

What would we want to consider something so beautiful and so important a cliche? A cliche is something overused, reoccurring. Rarely are cliches considered a good thing. I, on the other hand, love cliches. I love the cheesiness of it all, I love the obnoxiousness of it all. I love it all.

I love my friends like I love cliches. I love the cheesiness that comes with squishing four faces on an iPhone screen to take a selfie. I love the obnoxiousness of laughing and crying with your friends when watching movies. I really just love it all.

A lot of the time (more often than not), I’ll just get bursts of affection for my friends. I really love these bursts of affection, because it shows that the little things really do matter and really can be a genuine reminder of how much I love my friends and how much I love being around them.

I got one of these bursts today. I got one just now. We aren’t doing anything special. We aren’t even talking. We’re sitting at our favorite coffee shop (it’s like our own little Central Perk). We each have our own little brown chair (I’m next to Jordan, across from Erin, and diagonal from Kelsey). Between the four of us, we have three cups of coffee (almond milk latte for Erin, chai latte for Jordan, and french vanilla flavored house coffee for me). On the tables between us, there’s two empty plates (from Jordan’s cherry muffin and my chocolate chip scone).

But the most important of these images is one you can’t see. It’s not the way Erin is sitting sideways in her chair, reading her favorite book. It’s not the way Kelsey is listening to music, focused on her reading for art history. It’s not the way Jordan is filling out her job application for this summer, sitting up straight and determined.

The most important of these images is the air of friendship between us. All that we’ve been through, and all the memories we’ve made in the short time we’ve been friends.

I can’t simplify any friendship into simply meanings and symbols and ideas and thoughts and memories. But I can tell you about some of the most important things through those symbols. I can tell you about how I feel in this moment, sitting with my friends, at our favorite place.

I’m thankful for this friendship, no matter how cliche. I’m thankful for this place, where so many of our memories already have been made, and where I know so many more memories will be made.

So in simplicity, I’m thankful for these four brown chairs, the three cups of coffee, the two empty plates, and this one, amazing friendship.

Thanks guys,



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