January Goals

Happy New Year! I had this post written for two weeks, and just now realized I didn’t actually post it…sorry about that.

I’m back on campus (and have been for about three weeks) for our “Interim” (aka Jan-Term), where I’m taking a creative writing class…we’re going to essentially write a novel in the style of NaNoWriMo and I’m a little nervous about getting it finished, but I’ve got my word count done for the day and that’s good! So if I’m not posting a lot this month (as if my posting schedule is regular, haha), it’s because I have no more words left in my brain to write on this blog.

Anyways, on to my January goals!

December Goals:

  • Don’t allow the stress of Christmas to get to you.
  • Make your own decision about NYE and don’t let anyone else’s choices change yours.
  • End the year with a good attitude. (I’m going to say the way I rang in the New Year wasn’t exactly the best, BUT, I’ve had a pretty great attitude about the year since then.)
  • Finish Christmas shopping before the week of Christmas.
  • Actually do the End-of-the-Year-Book-Survey this year.
  • Read some more books before the year is out.
  • Get passport application started.
  • Make appointment with study abroad office.
  • Remember that internship spreadsheet?
  • Blog more.


January Goals (this is reading more like a to-do list, but same thing, right?)

  • Survive Interim
  • Don’t stress too much about your novel
  • Finish the novel
  • Decide for sure on classes for next semester
  • Order textbooks in a timely manner (seriously)
  • Apply for a passport.
  • Get 75% of study abroad application finished.
  • Apply for some jobs.


That seems like a lot more like a to-do list than goals, but……yeah. I also realize it’s almost not January anymore. Let’s all live in the now.



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