FWOC (First Week of Classes)

Oddly enough, I only have each of my classes once a week. Granted, they’re two and a half hour long classes, but nonetheless, I only have them once a week. Mea


This is just an artsy photo I took while sightseeing as I have no pictures of the first week of classes.

ning, I don’t have a FDOC (first day of classes), but a FWOC (first week of classes).

Monday – Media and UK Politics

So far, I’m really enjoying this class. The professor is very similar to one of my professors back at my home school, except he’s German (oddly enough, the professor at my home school specialized in German history). I am really excited to see what comes out of this class, especially with all the stuff going on with the UK internationally (ex. Brexit).

Tuesday – London Women’s Social History & History of London

I absolutely love London Women’s Social History so far. I didn’t have a moment where I felt bored, and every person the professor mentioned was someone I had heard of before (and more often than not, admired for their feminist beliefs). We are starting in the 17th century, going all the way up to women in the First World War, and how they had an effect on the war. We also get to do a big research paper on a topic of our choosing. Call me a nerd, but that sounds exactly like something I want to do.

History of London is really fun. Our professor looks like what I imagine Santa Claus looks like in the summertime and is very enthusiastic about history. We went through almost 1,000 years of the history of London in the first class and it was kind of overwhelming, but in a good and exciting way. It’s going to be a really intense class but also really interesting.

Wednesday – Shakespeare the Dramatist 

Again, I love this professor. She is so smart and literally just calls herself a “Shakespeare Scholar” and that’s so cool. This class is going to be incredibly intense as we’re reading one Shakespeare play each week. It’s going to be A LOT of reading, but I can’t wait to get the chance to dissect some shows I’ve never had the chance to read before!

Thursday – British Youth Culture from the 1950s to Now

THIS. IS. MY. CLASS. If you know anything about me, you know I love studying youth culture. When I saw the description for this class, I knew I would do anything I had to do to be able to take this class. The first  day of it was absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait for every other class. It’s more than just Beatlemania and things like that, it’s all the little stuff – from the fashion to the radio to the consumerism, it’s everything little thing that made up youth culture and it’s development. I love it so much.

Yes, I do have Friday’s off. Hopefully that’s going to mean more travel time for me and I’ll get the chance to explore more of London!



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