Should I Stay or Should I Go? // Election from Abroad


4 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go? // Election from Abroad

  1. [J] Lydia, I started following you because it was interesting to see someone from abroad discovering the UK (and you write very openly about your feelings, otherwise your posts wouldn’t be worth reading). The fact that you are young and experiencing your first time away from home culture makes it more interesting still. At the same time, I’m learning a little about you and where you come from. Today I learnt quite a bit more, and specifically that the ideals and practices of democracy and public service that were characteristic of the USA in its founding days, are still alive today. You are their embodiment. Head high, feet on the ground. One eye on learning, the other on doing. Whatever wrong has to be recognized as such, and called out by name. Without doing so, there is only wailing and gnashing of teeth, sack-cloth and ashes. We in the UK need to think like you do. Trump is a vile man, but it is the attitudes and practices he exhibits – which clearly must be widespread, as otherwise why do so many support him? – that must be addressed. Now, use your time in the UK well. The differences with what you are used to at home – let them stimulate thought, formulate ideas. Work with others to share, clarify, sift and sort, to test and refine. But don’t be satisfied with sharing with those who are like-minded. The real test is to apply your ideas to those who are unlikely to appreciate them. The essence of democracy is not that the majority impose on the minority, but that the majority get to make the difficult decisions, those that reconcile conflicting needs and aspirations.

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