I’m Lydia. A twenty-one-year-old college junior who has been previously told that I think in fragments.


Currently, I am studying abroad in London, England and many of my posts will be about my adventures across the pond!

I’m a southern girl from a small town in Georgia, who moved to a small town in South Carolina to go to a small college. It may seem like I’ve built my world around the small, but I’ve got big dreams. I hope to someday change the world with my writing. Or, at least, make people laugh with it.

I am a History and Humanities double major with the dreams being an exhibit designer for museums or a writer for primetime television. But with the two degrees I’m getting, I could do pretty much anything I want after I graduate.

I am…

  • extremely passionate about history and culture, especially how pop culture in the late 20th century had an effect on the adolescent culture in the present.
  • an activist for gender equality and mental health awareness.
  • a hardworking student at a small, private college, and a member of RUF, Purple Scarf Society, and Pen Pals.
  • a proud sister of Kappa Alpha Theta.
  • a cat-loving, netflix-watching, online-shopping, social media-savvy aspiring writer.


You can find more of my writing on The Odyssey, and on the blog of author Laura Teagan, Ginger + Co.

Best known for thinking in fragments, soft smiles on snapchat, and my lack of volume control.

updated 09/12/16

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