I sat down elevent minutes ago and wrote an entirely different post. Then I realized that those words aren’t the words that I need to say today. Those words have their time, and they have their place, but it’s not today.

Today is for change.

I have been really busy this semester, more than I ever thought I would be, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting it all done.

But one thing I realized in these past few weeks is that I have neglected Thinking in Fragments. This was supposed to be a journal, a honest place where I could remember exactly how I felt at almost any given moment.

Somehow, I found myself pinning stuff to a secret blogging board about SEO and how to have great content posts. That isn’t what I want. I want a blog where I can put my true feelings out there, where I can just let some stuff live and grow. Maybe post some of my writing, start to build a portfolio for whenever I figure out what I want to do. Maybe then I could tell people I have a blog and I wouldn’t feel my face get hot as soon as the words leave my mouth.

This blog moved from being my true feelings to something fake. Not that bloggers who blog for a living are fake or anything. I think that what they are doing is fantastic, and I wish I had the dedication, time, and heart to do that.

I want Thinking in Fragments to be something where I can just put my soul into words and figure out how I like those words to sound together, and move them around until I find the way that flows the most honestly and beautifully to me.

My entire life, I’ve said that honestly is truly one of the most important things to me. If you’re honest with me, then we can eventually work out any troubles that may come between us. And I feel like I haven’t been very honest on this blog. I want to be completely honest and myself and use Thinking in Fragments to help me figure out what else is important to me.

And I want to figure out what those “fragments” in the title are. I want to figure them out and help them find the rest of the words they need to become the complete sentence that they have the potential to become. Because I want to become my own complete sentence. And honestly, this is the only way I can think of to do that.

I’m tired of trying to put on this front. I want honesty and truth, and I want to be able to figure it out myself. So there are probably going to be some changes coming to Thinking in Fragments. I hope you’ll stick around to help me see what they are. If this isn’t your groove, that’s completely fine. I just want to learn how to be there for myself, and I hope that by piecing together the fragments, I will be able to.




Okay  y’all. I know I’m just getting back into the blogging game, but let’s not forget the long history I have with blogging (which I hope to do a post about soon). I’ve been in the blogosphere since I was in the seventh grade (I’m a college freshman now), so I know (for the most part, kind of) what I’m doing.

I’ve made a lot of friends through blogging (who I hope to spotlight in a series soon – I have a lot of plans), and one of them is the amazing (soon to be published author) Laura!

Laura runs the blog Ginger + Co., and guess what y’all? I am a part of that “Co.”!!!! That’s right, I’m a guest contributor over at Laura’s blog, and my first post was posted yesterday! I wrote a reflection post about the first semester of college, and how it isn’t “Just Like the Movies”.

You can check out my post HERE! 


What do y’all think??


Not Exactly Resolutions // 2015 Goals

Wow. 2015 came quickly. 2014 was a really intense year for me, and I think I’ll write a reflection post about it later, but wow. It’s just been a whirlwind. This year, I decided I didn’t want to write resolutions. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep them, and I feel like making overall goals and have aspirations for the year is going to be more beneficial, as opposed to making resolutions that I doubt I’ll even remember by February.

  • Improve My Blogging // I hope this one is somewhat obvious. I want to be able to post more, make it slightly more of a diary format (like my last post was), but also built my blog as a brand, in case I need it as a possible portfolio for the future.
  • Get Better at Budgeting // I’m the worst at budgeting and saving money. You’d be surprised to hear that my mom is an accountant and my dad manages money and numbers for sales. I hate having to budget and figure out how much I can spend on what. On the second day of the year, my dad told me that I need to start budgeting better. And I thought I was doing well. Clearly, this is an area I need to improve in my life.
  • Be Healthier // I’m not exactly unhealthy, but I would say that this is an area in which I need to improve. I’ve been running after class with my friend Jordan, but I’ve also been still goingto Cookout and Zaxby’s for dinner. Which isn’t helping.
  • Learn More // I want to take more classes and learn more and just learn more. This goes along well with the next one.
  • Decide on My Major // I came into college being an English major, and then I took a History class that I love, and now I’m deciding that I might want to be a History major. So I want to be able to take the classes that are going to help me decide on my major.
  • Focus on Self-Improvement // I usually put something on my New Years Resolutions list about wanting to improve things with others, but this year, I want to make this year better for me.
  • Be a Little Less Obsessed // I really obsess over things. TV shows, musicals, songs, situations, people, if it’s there, there is a high possibility that I will obsess over it. Some of this is harmless, and some of it is just too much for me. Some of it is me just trying to make something a larger part of my life than it probably should be. Either way, I need to just work on being a little more calm.
  • BE ME // I usually am myself. But, I want to focus on being me. Not worrying about what others think, or what I can do to “improve” myself. But being myself and being the best me I can be.

I might add to these throughout the year, but for now, I’m going to focus on these goals. What are some of your (belated) New Years Resolutions?


Christmas Eve Eve!

Hey y’all! As you can tell, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! This means I have a lot left to do before Christmas (I haven’t wrapped any of my dad’s gifts yet, much less gotten my stuff together to go over to my dad’s house, which is technically what I’m supposed to be doing right now). I thought I’d write a quick post about my posting schedule for the rest of the year. Maybe if I post it, it’ll be more of an incentive to actually get these posts up!

Every year she’s been doing it (that would be five years), I’ve participated in Jamie (over at The Perpetual Page Turner)’s End of the Year Book Survey. I finished it last night, and was SO excited to post it today….but then as soon as I hit “preview” to make sure it all looked good, it said there was an error and reverted me back to my drafts. Where the post had not been saved. I spent three hours (at least) working on it last night and it just didn’t save. Needless to say, I’m not happy about that. I’m gonna try to work on it some more today and try to get it up by the end of the year, but no promises.

Tomorrow I want to post about Christmas Traditions and what I and my family does to celebrate Christmas (because everyone celebrates the holidays differently and I love hearing about it)!

There won’t be a post on Christmas day except maybe one to say Merry Christmas! As you’ll read tomorrow, my Christmas day is always insanely busy.

December 26th, I’m hoping to do a post about how my Christmas day was, highlights, comments, and hopefully gifts!

December 27th and 28th, I’ve got a few ideas for posts, but I’m not totally sure about them yet. I’m going to work on them and hopefully get them posted!

December 29th-January 1st, I’m going to visit one of my oldest friends who lives three hours away, so there probably won’t be any posts during that time.

That should cover it until the end of the year! Hopefully I’ll have a fun recap post of New Year’s Eve (winking emoji) sometime before I go back to school on the 5th!

I hope y’all are having an amazing Christmas Eve Eve (and finishing any last-minute shopping)!


Busy Blogger

Hey! Remember me? The girl who said she was going to be blogging more?


I guess that didn’t happen. I wish I could say it was because I was off on a fantastic trip, or I had a really cool job that took up all my time, but sadly, I don’t. I’ve been babysitting and writing and trying to come up with an idea for a post. I didn’t think it would be so soon before I almost fell off the blogging train.

But hey, I’ve been writing a new story, and that’s awesome. And I’ve been obsessing over the newest episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It’s divine but at the same time, it’s only part A. But Maureen Johnson is a goddess, and I love her as Intern Maureen.

Other than that, I haven’t been up to anything big, and hopefully will have some better posts coming up soon! Just wanted to check in and say that I haven’t forgotten already, haha!