Okay  y’all. I know I’m just getting back into the blogging game, but let’s not forget the long history I have with blogging (which I hope to do a post about soon). I’ve been in the blogosphere since I was in the seventh grade (I’m a college freshman now), so I know (for the most part, kind of) what I’m doing.

I’ve made a lot of friends through blogging (who I hope to spotlight in a series soon – I have a lot of plans), and one of them is the amazing (soon to be published author) Laura!

Laura runs the blog Ginger + Co., and guess what y’all? I am a part of that “Co.”!!!! That’s right, I’m a guest contributor over at Laura’s blog, and my first post was posted yesterday! I wrote a reflection post about the first semester of college, and how it isn’t “Just Like the Movies”.

You can check out my post HERE! 


What do y’all think??