There are lots of things that bring brightness in my life…and as I mentioned the other day, I’m going home for Spring Break soon. I’m not going to the beach, but I am going to get to go home. And, like I said, there is a lot of brightness waiting for me at home, and I can’t wait for all these things in just one short week…

  • My best friend will be on spring break as well, so we’ll be home together! Both of our schools have fairly late spring breaks, but ours managed to align! We’ll get to hang out and spend the week pretending we’re in high school again (except for having to go to all of those annoying classes).
  • I’ll get to see my family. Most of my family, at least. My high school actually has spring break on the same week that I do, so it might just be me and my mom hanging out for the first half of the week (while my dad and brother are at the beach), then my dad and I the second half (while my mom and brother are at the beach).
  • I won’t have any homework for a week. It’s an entire week off from school, stress, and worry. Which means that…
  • I’ll actually get some sleep for once. Or, at least, a decent amount of sleep needed for a nineteen year old.
  • College friends are coming to visit. My friend group isn’t really doing anything over spring break, so one of my friends is coming to visit myself and two others (who live near each other), and we’re gonna take her to all the cool places in our small town, and in the major city nearby.
  • I’ll get to be home. It’s true what they say “there’s no place like home.” And I can’t wait to be back in that crazy little town, full of personality, rough around the edges, and beautiful in every single way. It’s gonna be good to be home.

I’m so excited for the brightness coming soon. Maybe it’ll get me out of this blue week.